If you have stained teeth and would like a bright, more radiant smile, Airflow Tooth Polishing is the treatment for you.
Airflow Tooth Polishing removes all superficial stains on your teeth that are caused by tea, coffee, and tobacco products. The revolutionary dental cleaning procedure also removes stubborn plaque from hard to reach places.
The Airflow Tooth Polishing Treatment has many benefits:

I. Gentle on tooth enamel
II. Thoroughly cleans hard to reach gaps in between your teeth
III. Perfectly safe to clean veneers, crown, bridges, implants, and orthodontic appliances
IV. Immediate results, even after your first treatment
V. Takes only 30 minutes
VI. A more radiant smile

Call us on 01159 324811 to book your first Airflow Tooth Polishing session. Our hygienist can give you a quick on-site demonstration to help you understand the benefits of Airflow Tooth Polishing.
Is the Airflow Tooth Polishing uncomfortable?
No, because there is zero contact with the surface of your teeth! This cleaning procedure only uses a gentle stream of water that is kind to your teeth and gums. Even patients with tooth sensitivity issues can benefit from the treatment for a brighter, wider smile.

Serving patients from Ilkeston, Nottingham and across Derbyshire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does the airflow cleaning treatment become painful?
A) No, it is fact the most comfortable cleaning procedure of them all.

Q) Does airflow cleaning whiten the teeth?
A) Yes, it removes plaque and can promote stronger and healthier teeth.

Q) Is airflow cleaning good for the teeth?
A) Yes, it is very effective at what it does, while being the last invasive and painful cleaning treatment.

Q) How long will my teeth looked polished before I have to have another treatment?
A) This is highly dependent on your lifestyle but it can range anywhere from 6 to 12 months for the second treatment.

Q) Can I go to work the same day as having this treatment done?
A) Yes, there is no after-effects or post-treatment pain of having an airflow cleaning treatment.

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