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Skin Peels Ilkeston | Ward and Allison Dental


Skin peels in Ilkeston, Nottingham

Chemical skin peel treatments have been used to rejuvenate skin for a long time now. Our skin is the single most important organ, playing a crucial role in giving a youthful appearance. However, most of the time, it is not taken care of properly. Our skin is highly vulnerable to changes in weather, the sun’s UV rays, pollutants, infection, trauma, and hormonal changes taking place inside the body, while ageing also has a significant effect.


The use of chemical skin peels aids in triggering the skin exfoliation process, which leads to the promotion of rejuvenated and refreshed skin tissue. These peels greatly improved the texture and tone of the skin while restoring its natural glow, freshness, and brightness.


Chemical peels can treat a number of skin issues including superficial wrinkles, pores, sun damage and white and black heads, and all are administered by our dentist, Dr Vanya. 

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