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Teeth whitening Ilkeston | Ward and Allison Dental


Create a whiter, brighter smile

Teeth are the jewels of our smile, and their brilliant white appearance enhances the beauty of your entire mouth. As we get older our teeth naturally become darker, not helped by diet and other lifestyle habits such as smoking, that add to the overall discolouration of our teeth. Tooth whitening can lighten the natural shade of the teeth and give you back a fresh and healthy looking smile.


Our simple home procedure uses hydrogen peroxide to bleach or whiten the teeth. Your dentist or hygienist takes a mould of your teeth so a technician can prepare a gum shield or tray of exactly the right size and fit. Once the tray is ready, your dentist will provide you with the whitening gel and important advice on how to use it. Your teeth may achieve the desired colour within a couple of days, but it may take up to three weeks.

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